Attitude vs. Character

How attitude and character differ Even though the words “attitude” and “character” appear to be similar in meaning,…

How attitude and character differ

Even though the words “attitude” and “character” appear to be similar in meaning, they are very different. Attitude refers to the way you think about a situation and the way you approach it. Character, though, is what makes you act the way you do.

Character has been defined as the essence of your soul and is what you are like on the inside. It is very rare for your character to change. Attitude can change depending on the situation and the circumstances. In fact, attitude is more of a basic emotion. One of the primary ways in which the two words differ is that character is more about identity and is built by education, but attitude is an opinion and is built by experience.

Your likes and dislikes of people, places or objects influence your attitude. However, your likes and dislikes have nothing to do with your character because it is about your inner qualities. We are impressed by character because it affects our hearts and minds. It is possible to hide your attitudes so that they are not readily visible to others, but it doesn’t take very long to get an impression of one’s character.

Examples of virtues that are evident in good character are courage, patience, determination, integrity, honesty, and loyalty. Examples of vices that are evident in bad character are telling lies, hatred, lust, immodesty, and dishonesty. Attitude can change very quickly, but character does not change.


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