Australian Flag vs. the New Zealand Flag – The Difference Between

The difference between the Australian flag and the New Zealand flag Because the countries of Australia and New…

The difference between the Australian flag and the New Zealand flag

Because the countries of Australia and New Zealand were once colonies of Great Britain there are similarities in their flags. However, if you look closely you will see that there are also differences.

The flag of Australia

One of the important features of the Australian flag is the presence of the Commonwealth Star. The six points of the star represent the six original states of the country and the territories. It is placed on the flag under the Union Jack. The Southern Cross is also included in the design of the flag with four stars that have seven points and another star that has five points. The stars are white.

The flag of New Zealand

There is no Commonwealth star in the New Zealand flag. The representation of the Southern Cross has four five pointed stars. The stars are red with white borders. The flag also contains the Union Jack to represent the fact that it was a British colony.

Summary of the differences

  1. The Australian flag contains the Commonwealth star, but since this is a symbol of this country it is not found on the New Zealand flag.
  2. The Southern Cross is represented on both flags, but on the flag of Australia there are four seven pointed white stars and one five pointed star, which is also white. The New Zealand flag has four red stars with white borders and all four have five points.


Both the Australian and New Zealand flag contain the Union Jack to symbolize their connection with Britain. Although they both contain the Southern Cross, it is represented differently.


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