Australian Solar Energy vs. German Solar Energy 2

Difference Between Australian Solar Energy and German Solar Energy 2 Australia and Germany are pioneers in the way…

Difference Between Australian Solar Energy and German Solar Energy 2

Australia and Germany are pioneers in the way they use their technology to harness the energy from the sun. It is very difficult to compare between the two. They are both technologically advanced in the matter of utilizing solar power for their energy needs, and the entire world is keeping track of their development, to learn from them.

The fossil fuels are fast being used up and a time will come when these natural resources will not be enough to meet the growing energy demands of the planet. Burning these fossil fuels is also harmful for the environment and cause global warming. Solar energy is free of these evils. It is the source of clean and environment friendly energy. The entire world is looking at solar power as the next big option to satisfy their power requirements. Solar energy is also endless. The heat given out by the sun is more than enough for our energy needs. Solar power is constant, secure and abundant. Unfortunately, there is not enough technological advancement in this regard. Therefore, the technology used by Australia and Germany to utilize the sun’s energy, is worth admiration.

In modern times, Germany is the largest user of energy from the sun. They have more photovoltaic units installed than any other country. At present, they are producing more than half of the total solar energy in the world. Germany produces 3830 MW of electricity using the heat of the sun. In this regard, it has surpassed even Australia who produces around 300 MW of electricity using solar energy. In Australia, the development of solar power units are dependent upon tariffs and mandatory targets for renewable energy while Germany is taking giant leaps in the production of solar power.

In Germany, the huge development in the field of solar power is largely because of the enormous incentives given by the government. The Renewable Energy Act that was passed in Germany provides for an incentive of 43 cents for every KWh of solar energy produced. This is a huge attraction for those who are involved in the production of solar energy. There is no rise of fuel prices or any power failures in Germany because of this solar power revolution.

Germany produces enough solar energy to meet 1.1% of its total energy requirements. It is expected that, by 2050, they will be in a position to produce 25% of their energy needs through solar power. In striking contrast, Australia produces just 0.1% of its total energy requirements through solar power, but they too expect to produce 20% of their energy requirements by 2050. This difference in the production amount in the two countries is largely due to the encouraging stand taken by the German government regarding solar energy.


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