Azaleas Vs. Rhododendrons

Difference Between Azaleas And Rhododendrons Are you familiar with Evergreen and flowering shrubs? Well, you must have heard…

Difference Between Azaleas And Rhododendrons

Are you familiar with Evergreen and flowering shrubs? Well, you must have heard the names of plants like rhododendrons and azaleas? For some people, these two concepts are one and the same, but for the second half, the two plants are different classifications. In simple terms, both the sides are right in their very own ways.

Azaleas are a kind of shrubs that have flowers over them. When classified at a broader level then these are called as rhododendrons. Initially azaleas were from a separate genus and had no links with rhododendron. But with the updated classification the Kingdom Plantae genus was sub divided, and in this light azalea formed a smaller classification. In this connection, the rhododendron is now inclusive of eight subgenera, with two sub-tribes which belonged to the species of azaleas: subgenus being Pentanthera deciduous Azaleas and Evergreen azaleas Tsutsuji.

Azaleas grow many times their flowers in the spring, but die within a few weeks. As the Evergreen and deciduous plant forms, they do not like bright sunlight, unlike other types of plants. It is no wonder that you can often find them in the shade of the trees, or near large plants.

The other plants, rhododendrons, or the genus is generally different from the azaleas in a number of other factors. Their flowers are much larger and bloom after azaleas. Moreover their leaves are bigger and can hence sustain their existence in a much harsher climate too. Regarding the number of stamens it has been discovered that rhododendron has at least 10 and have some scaly features under their leaves. On the contrary, azaleas have just five stamens and have different hair-like structures on the underside of leaves. The shape of the flowers is slightly different too. Azaleas seem to have a funnel shaped flower, unlike the others, which usually have bell shaped flowers.

All in all these two varieties have various differences like:

1 Azaleas is much smaller and comes under a precise classification of plants incomparison with larger or wider Rhododendron genus.

2. The leaves and flowers of azaleas are much smaller than the Rhododendron.

3 Azaleas have stamens five in number while Rhododendron has 10.




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