Aztec vs. Mayan – The Difference Between

How Aztecs and Mayans differed from each other Two specific ethnic groups that once lived in Mexico were…

How Aztecs and Mayans differed from each other

Two specific ethnic groups that once lived in Mexico were the Aztecs and the Mayans. The Aztecs lived in the central part of the country and spoke a language called Nahuatl. They were very important and influential in this region of Mexico from the 14th through the 16th centuries. The name of the people comes from the language that they spoke and means “people of Aatlan, which was the mythological ancestral home of the people.

The Aztec people inhabited the area that is now known as Mexico City. To them it was Tenochtitlan and the Mexican Valley became the center of the Aztec civilization. This was the capital of their Triple Alliance, which was an alliance of the three peoples of the area and later became the Aztec Empire. The Empire spread to other parts of Mesoamerica and resisted being conquered by the Spaniards.

The main contribution of the Aztec Empire to modern society can be seen in the architecture they left behind in the pyramids and the culture. The extensive archaeological finds that have been excavated give us a great look into the lives and the religion of these people. One such example is Temple Mayor in Mexico City.

The Mayans are well-known for the written language that they developed. They also made great achievements in the areas of architecture, astronomy, mathematics and art. The civilization was established before the Classical Period and in this period Mayan cities reached great heights of development, which had peaked by the time of the Conquistadors.

The Mayan people interacted with many other people and this resulted in their influence being spread throughout much of the country of Mexico and other regions of the Caribbean part of what is known as Middle America. As a result, many features of the Mayan culture could be found in other cultures that existed at the time.

The Mayan people developed the calendar and studied the art of inscription. They did not invent either of these but they did develop them to new heights. The Mayan people did not disappear after the arrival of the Spaniards and the descendants of these people are still living all over Mexico and parts of countries such as Panama and Belize. They still follow the religion and traditions of their ancestors.

The difference between the Aztecs and the Mayans

While there are similarities between the Aztecs and the Mayans, there are great differences. Both cultures believed in sacrifice, but the Aztecs believed in sacrificing humans and the Mayans believed in the sacrifice of blood. The Mayans were a far more advanced civilization and had a different approach to developing scientific processes. They studied the stars and used their knowledge of astronomy to develop a calendar, which ends on December 21, 2012.

The Aztecs were warriors and held many events that demonstrated their strength and power. They were fierce people who conquered their enemies and were very proud of their victories in battle. The Mayans on the other hand were a peaceful, gentle people. The Mayan society was divided into states and each one had its own ruler. The Aztecs had a central government and one ruler who was viewed as a Supreme Being.


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