BA vs. BBA

Difference Between BA and BBA BA and BBA are two degrees that are awarded by different colleges and…

Difference Between BA and BBA

BA and BBA are two degrees that are awarded by different colleges and universities across the world. These two degrees are very different from each other in terms of eligibility, choice of subjects, duration of study, qualifications required, course material and the like.

BA is Bachelor of Arts. BA is an undergraduate course that takes three years to complete. A person studying in a BA course is required to take up a major subject like history, economics, geography, English, philosophy and political science. After completing BA degree, the student can go for an MA degree in the same subject. In addition to the main subject, the student takes up some other secondary subjects. These secondary subjects selected by the student are allied to the main subject; that is, these subjects generally go together. The reason that the student has to take up allied subjects along with the main subject is that later, after completing his BA degree, he can do his post graduation degree in any of these allied subjects also.

BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is also a three-year long undergraduate course like BA degree. The student studies about business administration, sales and marketing, management, organizational skills and the like. If someone intends to pursue a higher degree in business administration, then he would have to first have a basic BBA degree. He has to first pass the BBA examination before he can get admission into an MBA course.

The major difference between the two courses is that they are both undergraduate courses of two different subjects. However, in the BBA course, the student is expected to submit his dissertation at the end of the course. In BA course, this is not required. Further, admission into BBA is through an admission test, which is also not applicable for BA course.


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