Babysitting vs. Childcare

Difference Between Babysitting and Childcare If you are a working parent and want someone to take care of…

Difference Between Babysitting and Childcare

If you are a working parent and want someone to take care of your child when you are not there then you can either choose babysitting or childcare services. Yes, these are two different types of services and we will help you in understanding the difference between the two.

Babysitting is a service provided by teenagers looking to earn some extra money. This is usually a part time service. These services can also be taken on special days, weekends, evening and as per your requirement. Most of the parents opt for babysitting service when they have to go out for short period like on dinner or for a party. The babysitter takes care of the kids by supervising their activities. Most of the babysitter charge on hourly basis and on the basis of number of children they need to look after. This hardly needs any formal training.

Childcare services are usually provided by adult females who are trained to this job. The kids are left at a child care center for 8-10 hours when the parents are away. At a childcare center the kids are taught to read and write, learn to do things on their own and various aspects of personality development. There are childcare service providers who can offer services at your home as well but most of them prefer to work at their center where the kids play and learn with other kids of their age group.

Childcare services are more professional because they also take care of the emotional needs of the child when they are away from their parents. Even these services are charged on hourly basis. There are different qualifications in different countries which are needed by someone to be a childcare service provider.

Some of the main differences between babysitting and childcare services are;

  • Babysitting is of temporary basis while childcare is a long term and continuous service.
  • Most of the babysitters provide services at your home while childcare services are provided through their centers.
  • Babysitters are not trained for what they do while child care service provider is trained to provide services.


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