Bada 1.0 vs. Bada 1.0.2 – The Difference Between

The difference between Bada 1.0 and Bada 1.0.2 Samsung developed an operating system for mobile broadband for its…

The difference between Bada 1.0 and Bada 1.0.2

Samsung developed an operating system for mobile broadband for its mobile and low end smart phones. The name given to this system was Bada, which is a Korean word that means “ocean”. The purpose for the development of this system was to cover the wide range from low end to high end features. It consisted of a platform that had a kernel configurable architecture and this permitted the use of two kernels  – the Linux kernel or the RTOS (real time operating system) kernel.

The Bada system also allows developers to use different interaction controls, such as a color control or a listbox. There is a web browser control as well that features Adobe flash and is based on the open source kit. Adobe flash supports Flash 9. The Bada application is capable of having both the flash and the open source kit built in. C++ programming can be used to develop native applications.

Bada 1.0

The first phone using the Samsung Bada operating system was the S8500. This phone featured a touch screen and had the following other features:

  • Hummingbird CPU (S5PC110) power
  • 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 CPU
  • built-in power VR SGX 3D graphics engine
  • Super AMOLED screen, and
  • 720p high-def video capabilities

The service centric capabilities made possible by the Bada set it apart from the mobile operating systems that were currently being used. The new features that users had access to on these phones included social networking, management of content, location based services, and commerce servers. All of these features are backed by the back end Bada servers.

Other features that the Bada brought to the Samsung phone included face direction, vibration control and motion sensing. This opened the door for greater creative possibilities and user interactive features. It paved the way for the development of applications that were sensor based and context aware. Weather service, GPS, proximity sensors and more were applications that developers could implement quite easily.

Bada 1.0.2

This was a revised Bada that had improvements on the initial release. The current version is Bada 2.0 and was released in February 2011.

Bada 1.0 vs. Bada 1.0.2

Bada was the first version of the operating system and Bada 1.0.2 was the second version with improvements for the European market. Bada 1.0 supports about 35 languages but the improved version supports much more than that and can have a variety of tones to signal incoming emails and text messages. It also supported external music devices and had a faster browser and automatically adjusted the size of the background picture so that it would realistically fit the size of the screen.


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