Bail Vs. Bond

Difference Between Bail And Bond In the field of law documentation, media and also in day to day…

Difference Between Bail And Bond

In the field of law documentation, media and also in day to day to life, bond and bail are the two terms that the people often get confused with. This is due to the fact that both of them are on paper and are approved by the court of law. There however exist a lot of differences between these two and these must be clarified.

The main reason for the confusion that prevails among many people’s mind regarding the terms bond and bail is due to the fact that many people use these terms in place of the other. Bail is the simple cash amount that needs to be paid by an individual to the police official so that he can relieved from the jail at least on a temporary basis, while a bond is a kind of transaction or method that is made by any person who has been declared as a criminal by the court so that he can accumulate adequate amount of bail as hedoes not have the monetary condition to pay for his release at the time.

A bail is said to be a secure type of payment because irrespective of the fact whether the payee wins or loses the case, he can apply for the refund of the bail after the court’s proceedings have been finished i.e. after the case is closed.

In case of a bond, a bondsman will take care of all the obligations in the monetary sphere for the purpose of bail and the person in reference just puts a signature on the contract that aims at promising that the person will be attending all the court sessions related to the case and will also be repaying the amount he has borrowed and the interest on that amount too. It is only till the time that the case is running in the court that the bondsmen provides monetary support for the purpose of bail to the person. At the end of the case anyhow somehow that person has to repay the amount to the bondsmen.

In short, bail is granted only to those people whose offense has not yet been proved in the court and regarding whom the judge is sure that he will appear in the subsequent court proceedings and also it can only be taken when the person is financially capable of doing that. On the other bond is the amount of bail that is paid to a person who is incapable of paying the bail amount on his own by a third party called bondsmen.

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