Baked vs. Grilled

Difference Between Baked and Grilled Grilling and baking are two recopies. Ancient man baked and grilled meat on…

Difference Between Baked and Grilled

Grilling and baking are two recopies. Ancient man baked and grilled meat on fire when cooking oil was not discovered so that it became tasty. in baking and grilling, a food is heated. But there is difference between these two techniques. Let us discuss these two techniques one by one.


Ovens are used in many of the homes in world which work on the principle of baking the food. Ovens are used for cooking food in western as well as eastern countries. Heat is applied to the food through convection so as to bake it. Baking can be done on hot stones and or in ovens. Cakes, biscuit, pastries are made by baking. Roti in East Asia is prepared by baking it in an oven. Thus the products such as bread, cakes, biscuits, are baked products which we buy from the market. The place where these are prepared is called bakeries.

Meat is commonly baked. Vegetables like potatoes can be baked. Nowadays, such ovens are available in the market in which grills are placed. So, grilling and baking can be done in the same oven. In the process of baking heat is applied through convection while in the process of grilling heat is applied through radiation.


Grilling is a process in which food is cooked by applying dry heat to the food. In the process of grilling, radiation of heat raises the temperature of food. Grilling can be of two types. Grilling can be done through direct conduction of heat in which foods temperature is raised up to 260 degree Celsius. When a grill pan is used for grilling,  the process is known as direct grilling in which direct conduction of heat raises the temperature of food. In western countries this process is known as broiling. In this process the heat comes from the above. In this process food developes a delicious taste. Grilled meat and kebabs are popular in some of the Asian countries.

In another type of grilling indirect and low heat is applied to the food. The heat is applied from below by coal or wood. In India this process is very popular in poor as well as rich homes. Now cooking gas is used in place of coal or wood.


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