Barbie Vs Bratz: The Battle Of The Dolls

It is highly unlikely for any girl to go through their childhood without dolls. Of all the names…

It is highly unlikely for any girl to go through their childhood without dolls. Of all the names with this type of toy, Bratz and Barbie are the two top contenders for children though it is very obvious that the latter has the edge over the adorable and fashionable appearance. Having been developed with the similarities of genuine and modern fashion trends, Barbie dolls definitely have an advantage with various accessories. Though Bratz came to the scene a little later, both brands of dolls have male counterparts as well. The main distinction with Bratz is their four main characters—Jade, Sasha, Cloe and Yasmin. Barbie, being the longest produced dolls, have garnered enough fans and supporters to make it prevailing above all else including Bratz.

Barbie And Bratz: A Closer Look Into Details

If you will look at both dolls, you will immediately notice a big difference in their appearances as Barbie’s facial and body details are of correct or similar dimensions to that of a person while Bratz have prominent eyes and locks. In addition to that, the former comes in all shapes, sizes and styles while the latter has a uniform 10 inch size.

Seniority Vs Minority

Barbie and Bratz have a huge gap when it comes to their birth year as Barbie was first launched in 1959 while its younger competitor had only made its way to stores in 2001.

In Relation To The Customers…

Barbie first faced its hurdle in the form of a prohibitory order amongst Islamic nations but has been fixed by especially designed dolls to fit their cultures as with other international lineups. As Bratz has been introduced in a later date which has developed more open-minded countries, there are no such challenges for it. Bratz still strived in making improvement with their designs to look more appealing to children worldwide such as their Be-Bratz series where owners are allowed to have their own doll version in the internet.


Bratz had always been referred to with this name but Barbie was originally called as Lilli since 1959 having been brought into its familiar name on 1964. The clash between the two has just been recently brought about where Barbie creators have filed charges against MGA entertainment, Bratz creators, for allegations of imitations though it has now been put to rest. Bratz productions had been previously halted as Mozie Girlz has been launched by MGA though it made a quick comeback in August 2010, its 9th birthday.

Main Comparisons

  • Significance:

Bratz may never be or may still be a long way from the worldwide status that Barbie has already achieved. It is very clear that the recognition of the senior doll is far greater—from its various awards to its immortalization by famous artist Andy Warhol in 1985. By far, its greatest celebration on its 50th birthday is that in the high-end Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Simply put, Barbie has become synonymous to fashion and feminine aesthetics.

  • Rankings:

Without a doubt, Barbie is at the top of anyone’s list for dolls though few people do like Bratz over it.

  • Extras:

A major deciding factor regarding these dolls is their stylish accessories that give the owners the privilege to play and develop these toys into their liking. They too, may glam up with Barbie’s own released lineup of accessories, books and makeup kits. Due to Barbie’s popularity, it has made a good amount of appearance in famous shows, the greatest of them being that in Toy Story.

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