Bars vs. Clubs vs. Pubs – The Difference Between

Are You Going To A Bar, A Pub Or A Club? People cannot stay away from having their…

Are You Going To A Bar, A Pub Or A Club?

People cannot stay away from having their night life which is why most cities are filled with establishments. The three primary kinds are bars, pubs and clubs. To fully appreciate dancing, drinking and socializing with other people throughout the evening and not to mention, until the morning, differentiating the three is a must. Perhaps it is because most people have been to a bar, a pub and a club already that they cannot tell each apart. First up, bars may offer guests alcoholic drinks and small dishes food with a TV for viewing sports, a karaoke machine for singing enjoyment and  an area where people can interact and dance with each other. Clubs on the other hand are shortened terms for nightclub and offer a more upscale place for similar activities which suit more of the locals while pubs are also larger than bars and a place where tourists are rarely seen.

When Are They Open?

People think that these three open and close at the same time just because they hear the ruckus going on from dusk till dawn. Business hours do differ among bars, pubs and clubs. Again, this knowledge will come in handy for those who are planning their nights out. Bars will accept guests from 8 in the evening to 2 in the morning. Because pubs offer extensive services other than drinks and entertainments such as meals, it can open up 4 pm to late closing time in the evening 7 days a week. As for clubs, Wednesday is generally the start of operation and provides special motif or perhaps an event.

What’s The Special?

Nightclubs are more focused on drinks but may provide finger foods from time to time. On the other hand, bars have a balance between the serving of alcoholic beverages and meals but have to follow some laws subjected to establishments such as theirs especially if it is open for a family gathering. Likewise, pubs have both elements but have the greater focus on foods and can serve a full list of meals for dinner.

What Entertainment Can We Expect?

Bars already have the image of providing the music from traditional karaoke machines and a TV positioned up high for every guest to view especially on game nights. In addition to that, bars may host some artists up on stage on some occasions. Nightclubs and pubs also have entertainment but are more on showcasing local talents such as bands or stand up comedians. In addition to that, nightclubs are also notorious for having live sexy dancers on the stage.

What Do We Keep In Mind?

As a tourist of local who enters a city club, pub or bar, keep in mind that

  • Business days and hours differ in each three so choose wisely and plan ahead
  • Anticipation of the restrictions and services offered is a must
  • Availability of food will vary and sometimes even lack especially in the case of nightclubs
  • Each has a focus in their establishment and may have themes
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