Batman vs. Superman – The Difference Between

The Clash Between Batman And Superman Everyone in their childhood looked up at some time to superheroes. Who…

The Clash Between Batman And Superman

Everyone in their childhood looked up at some time to superheroes. Who can blame them? Superheroes have superhuman abilities that make it possible for people to view fantasy as a reality creating amazement and perhaps even faith that they walk among us as a reporter or CEO by day and moonlighting as a crime fighter by night. The secret identity is also another charmer for the audience. Putting on the mask and cape can instantly hide their ordinary human form to save the world yet again from villainous crimes or impending disasters.

Perhaps the most popular superheroes that pooped out from the creative hands of DC Comics cartoonists are Batman and Superman. These two have definitely come a long way from being a comic action hero to almost icons that every generation is well aware of. Of course, if you are a fan, you know that Batman has his gadgets while Superman has his outer space origins to thank for their abilities. Nevertheless, they stand for the same cause of good.

From DC Comics’ Pen And Paper

As previously stated, DC Comics is responsible for producing the best heroes, which later on formed Justice League, that the world has ever known and this includes Superman and Batman. Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is the man behind it all having built or more accurately written the characters from the ground up on 1934. Previously, DC Comics was referred to as National Allied Publications but was later reintroduced as the current name in relation to Detective Comics which was a well-known creation by the company.

The Batman Was Born

Otherwise referred to as Dark Knight, Batman is well known for his literally dark ensemble—black cape, black “bat suit”, dark cave lair and dark past. Batman has the edge over the others in crime fighting in that he does not come with any supernatural ability and is only armed with wit and brawns. When he takes the bat mask and suit off, he’s identity is no less popular as one of the richest citizens of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne.

When Superman Came To Earth

Superman has more than two titles but the most famous of these are The Man Of Steel and The Last Son Of Krypton which are very accurate descriptions of this superhero also known as Clark Kent. As compared to Batman, his suit is rather more colorful with the signature blue, red and yellow colors riddled on his cape and suit to be topped off by an S inside a pentagram on the chest. Superman is no human though and was sent off to earth as the last of his kind from Krypton, another planet. Clark Kent became quite at home with his human parents and eventually became a journalist where he met and fell in love with Lois Lane.

The Match

No clash here really. Superman and Batman are fighting on the side and differences are only based on:

  • Cities in which they grow—Gotham served as home for Batman/Bruce Wayne as Metropolis is to Superman/Clark Kent
  • Supernatural abilities—Superman has supernatural strength and other abilities due to his origin while Batman relies on superior human capabilities
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