Bats vs. Birds

Difference Between Bats and Birds Bats and Birds are two animals which have wings, a light bone structure…

Difference Between Bats and Birds

Bats and Birds are two animals which have wings, a light bone structure and a keeled stemum which attaches the flight muscles and a streamlined body structure. Both of them play an important part in the ecosystem that is vital in maintaining stability in the environment. Both of them maintain the ecological equilibrium in the environment and are essential in dispersing seeds (fruits) and pollination.

There are about 1,100 species of bat which are found almost every where all over the world. 70 % of these bats eat insects and the remaining feed on fruits. The scientists say that bats comprise of almost 20 % of all species of mammals that are classified so far.

Birds are members of almost every single global, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. According to the fossil evidence the birds evolved from the therapod dinosaurs that were too famous in the Jurassic period (150 to 200 million years ago), e.g. Late Jurassix Archaopteryx. The birds are of different size, from 2in (5cm) in case of bee hummingbird to the 9ft. (2.75m) as in case of Ostrich.

Bats and birds are different due to their structure and nomenclature.

As far as the classification is concerned bats are the members of the Chiroptera and the birds are from the Aves family.

Bats are animals which can fly and have webbed feet. However birds are creatures which have wings and feathers.

Bats are mammals in nature, so it is understandable laying eggs cannot be related to the bats however the birds are unlike bats and lay eggs.

The flying action is also different in both the case; the birds flap their wings to remain flying unlike the bats that do not do so.

We can find teeth in case of bats which help them to eat however the birds are characterized by beaks which are useful in picking up and eating food.

Bats are nocturnal in nature and they roam and hunt at night and are found sleeping during the daytime. However Birds live their life and look for food as long as there is daylight and retire as soon as there is sun down.


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