Battery Charger vs. Battery Maintainer

The difference between a battery charger and a battery maintainer The battery in a vehicle has to be…

The difference between a battery charger and a battery maintainer

The battery in a vehicle has to be kept charged and it has to be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep it working properly. Two of the devices that are used for this purpose are a battery charger and a battery maintainer. This is especially true if you have a car that is not used on a regular basis and is stored in the garage for periods of time. When you do want to use the car, it is hard to start because the battery has lost its charge.

You need to have a battery charger for times like this. There are both cheap and expensive models and which one you buy depends on your need and budget. Whichever one you buy, you do need to remember to disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged. Failure to do so could harm the car battery. A better option though would be a battery maintainer that automatically starts charging when the battery goes down and stops when it has been charged. This device will ensure that the car is always ready for you to use no matter how long it has been lying up.

You can also use a battery maintainer for a boat engine that works by means of a battery. Usually the boat is moored all week and when you want to use it on the weekend, you realize that the battery hasn’t been charged. If you use a battery maintainer, it will keep the battery in good shape so that it is always ready to go when you are.

Another example of a situation where a battery maintainer would be a logical choice is if you have a vintage or classic car that you sometimes take out for a drive.

Both a battery charger and a battery maintainer provide the battery with the charge that it needs. The difference is that a battery maintainer provides a constant trickle of power to the battery so that it stays charged.


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