Bear vs. Bull

Difference Between Bear and Bull Bear and bull are dangerous animals. They seem dangerous by their look and…

Difference Between Bear and Bull

Bear and bull are dangerous animals. They seem dangerous by their look and sound. As far as their behavior is concerned, both are equally dangerous. But they belong to different categories of animals. There is much dissimilarity between the two types of animals. Males of many species of animals are called bull such as whales and elephant. Here we are concerned with male cattle of Bos primigenius Taurus family.


Bear is a doglike carnivore which is often called caniform. There are eight species of bears in the world. Giant pandas and Polar bears are two of them. The bear species are mostly found in the northern hemisphere of the earth while a few are found in the southern hemisphere. The Asian bear which is called Sun bear is lighter in body weight than the polar bear which weighs 750 kg in contrast with its counterpart which weighs only 70 kg. The bodies of the bears are large with shaggy hair. Feet are stocky and the claws are very griping which help them to climb on a tree. Bears have different eating habits. Some are herbivores such as Giant Panda while some are carnivore such as Polar bear. Bears live alone except with a cub or a sexual partner. Mostly bears are diurnal (active during the day). However some species are active in the night also. A normal bear can run at the speed of 50kmph. They have remarkable smelling sense which they use for finding food and breeding. They can hibernate in winter to preserve their energy. In China, bears are used in medicines.


Usually, bull is referred to as a male of cattle. In Australia young and unmarked males in the wild are called Mickey. A bull is highly muscular animal. That is why they look frightened. Bull is strong animal with thick and strong bones. It has large legs with hard hooves. Its neck is thick and muscular and the head is bony. Even a kick of the bull can kill a man. The bony head and strong neck are helpful in fighting. Bull has strong and dangerous horns. The bull’s horns are useful to it. They help him fighting as well as attracting a sexual partner. A bull generally weighs between 500kg and 1000kg. They are highly aggressing animals. Bull fighting a famous sport in Spain. Bull is useful in dairy productions and in beef. The bull is a part of human culture.

Bear Vs Bull

As far as behavior of the bull and bear is concerned, both are aggressive to human being and cause damage to him. As far as physical body and eating habit are concerned both are different from each other. Bulls are purely herbivores while bears can be carnivores.


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