Between vs. In Between

Difference Between Between and In Between When we are making use of the word between we are merely…

Difference Between Between and In Between

When we are making use of the word between we are merely referring to two points that are previously specified. It is also used to measure any unit like time, distance etc. However when we use the word in between Then we are referring to what ever there is present between the two pre decided points.

The word between is used to refer to a lot of things like distance that separates two place, a period of time and a relation between two people and many more things like comparison in quality, cost or size of different things. Between is used only when there are two units present, be it people or places. We never use between to refer a either a singular or more than three units.

The word in between refers to the collection of things that are present from one unit to the other unit which may be imaginary or real. The units are like people, places etc.
Between is used as a preposition however in between can be adverb as well as an adjective.

Unlike “in between”,   between compares two definite quantities.

The word between is more like a link or connection between two entities like place or things but the word in between in between is used to define this connection. The word in between is more like a landmark pr venue and denotes two locations.


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