Bible vs. Quran – The Difference Between

How the Bible and the Quran are different Both the Bible and the Quran are collections of sacred…

How the Bible and the Quran are different

Both the Bible and the Quran are collections of sacred scriptures, but they are for different religions. The Bible dates back to the fourth century and is the oldest surviving book in the world. It forms the basis of Judaism and Christianity, with the Old Testament being the basis for Judaism and the New Testament being the basis of Christianity. Muslims believe that God delivered the Quran to Mohammed in the early part of the 7th century. There are a number of differences between these two collections of religious writings.

About the Bible

According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ was the Messiah that was promised to the Jews in the books of the Old Testament. He was the Son of God who was born to a virgin, named Mary. He was arrested by the Romans and crucified on a cross along with two criminals. On the third day, he rose from the dead. The teachings of Jesus in the Bible say that one can achieve salvation by grace.

In the Bible, the Devil is a fallen angel whose name was Lucifer. Because of the influence of the Devil, man is also a fallen sinner and everyone is born with the sin of Adam and Eve on his soul. There are many miracles recorded in the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments. The disciples of Jesus are regarded as the first Christians because they believed in the message of Christ.

There are numerous prophecies in the Bible and recommends that Christian worship God on the Sabbath, which is regarded as Sunday by the majority of Christian faiths. The Holy Spirit is the face of Jesus.

The Bible was compiled over the course of thirteen hundred years by many different authors, but it is arranged in chronological order. There is no mention of the Bible as a book in any of the collections of sacred writings that make up the Bible, which means it was never intended to be one book.

There are seven different versions of the Bible, all of which were written based on the original version. The New Testament has been translated into 1185 languages and the Protestant Canon has been translated into 451 languages.

About the Quran

The Quran refutes the claim that Jesus was the Son of God and says that he was not crucified, nor did he rise from the dead. According to the teachings of this sacred book of Islam, the only way man can achieve salvation is through being sincere in his work. Man is not a fallen sinner, but is essentially good. The Devil does exist in the Quran, but instead of being a fallen angel, he is a fallen Jinn.

The Quran says that the disciples were Muslin and that there were no miracles recorded in the Bible. There are no prophecies in the Quran and it does recommend that people worship on the Sabbath, which the Muslims observe on Friday. The Holy Spirit is the Angel Gabriel.

The Quran took a lot less time to compile – only 23 years. There are mentions of the Quran as a whole book in the sacred writings – 70 times to be exact. Because of this the Quran is the only text that references itself. There is only one version of the Quran and is preserved in its original form. Historians attest to the fact that the Quran is the original book that was compiled between 610 B.C. and 633 B.C.

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