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Difference Between Bibliography and References For all people who read a lot of books, bibliography and reference seem…

Difference Between Bibliography and References

For all people who read a lot of books, bibliography and reference seem to be one and the same thing. But the reality is absolutely different. Although misunderstood to be the same, there lie many differences between these two.

References are all those articles books or any other stuff that get referenced while writing a book or any essay on a particular topic while bibliography refers to making a list of all the sources that are referenced while writing.
More precisely, bibliography is the mere mentioning of the name of the substances that are consulted while writing an essay, articles or book while reference means that you have included the text present in the referred material in your article, essay or book.

References find their place in the actual text in order to second the fact that has been stated while bibliography does not appear in the text. Reference may be used by the reader in order to assess the trueness and the authenticity of the facts that are stated in a book or essay while bibliography is the mere mentioning of the referred source.

Bibliography follows references in a book and may have all those things that have been mentioned in the references already, long with certain additional information too. Bibliography is all about the magazines, reference books, journals, and articles etc. that have been read by the writer of a book while writing it while references are mostly quotes or previous works or even names of the people who have done similar works before.

In case of Bibliography, it is a must to arrange the contents in an alphabetic manner while this may or may not be done in case of References as there is an alternate option of arranging them in the order of the numerical contents of the text. The name of the author, the date of publication of the referenced material etc must be mentioned in case of Bibliography, which is not true for references as you can just mention the date when you referred to the material and the name of the person who wrote the particular material.

Thus we see that in spite of so many confusion among most of the people who are into reading books, there are many differences that exist between th terms bibliography as well as References.

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