Big vs. Huge

Difference Between Big and Huge Big and Huge are different words and should be used carefully. Both the…

Difference Between Big and Huge

Big and Huge are different words and should be used carefully. Both the words are confused with each other. People think that they give the same meaning and thus are synonyms. But basic difference is that ‘big’ refers to the size of and the word ‘huge’ refers to ‘shape and appearance’.

See the example : ‘I had a big breakfast today’. Here the word ‘big’ refers to the size of lunch had by the speaker. ‘Big’ sometimes is used in relation to the size of an action, for example, ‘he make a big leap forward’.  Here the word ‘big’ refers to the vastness of an action.

‘Big’ sometime may refer to the enormity of emotions. For example, ‘how big it is for me!’ Here an emotion is being referred by ‘big’. The word ‘huge’ on the other hand refers to the shape and appearance. It means ‘large’ or ‘enormous’.

Huge’ sometimes refers to ‘very great’. For example, ‘he got a huge success.’ Here huge means ‘very great’. We can say the above words like this ‘he got a very great success.’

‘Hugeness’ is the noun form of ‘huge’ which is an adjective. ‘big’ is another adjective. Its degrees are ‘bigger’ and ‘biggest’. It refers to the size and amount. ‘Big’ is used figuratively. Its figurative meaning is ‘something important and significant’. For example, ‘he is a big boss’. Here ‘big’ do not refer to the physical size of a person. It is used figuratively here. It means the bigness of qualities and commands he holds.


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