Birth Control Methods

Difference Between Birth Control Methods There are a lot of ways of controlling birth or planning a family…

Difference Between Birth Control Methods

There are a lot of ways of controlling birth or planning a family as it is otherwise called which are generally chosen by the couples as per their requirements. Some of the most natural, simple but unreliable and less successful methods are coitus interruptus i.e. stopping the act and ejaculating the semen outside, safe cycle method – which means having sex during the unfertile period. There are other methods (long term and short term both) as well, which include ligating (binding or tying up) and severing both the fallopian tubes- a process called female sterilization and Vasectomy (a method called permanent male sterilization) where vas difference tube is ligated (bound or tied up)as a result of which semen is robbed of its sperm content. There are temporary methods of variable effectiveness as far as time limit is concerned like the pills of combined oral contraception which are used for a shorter (as well as a longer) period. There is a device called IUCD that is inserted into the uterus which is effective from 7 to 10 years. The hormonal implants which can have an effect for about 5 years can also be used.

DMPA- the extraditation injection which is administered every three month to stop ovulation is a good means that is safe to be used during the lactating period also. During the breast feeding period oestrogen is not used as contraceptive hormone as it will lead to the reduction of the quality and quantity of the breast milk. Mini Pills or the progesterone only pills or progesterone implants are the means that are sought to during the lactating times.

In case of an unplanned and unprotected sexual act, emergency pills that have progesterone can be used with in 72 hours. But their success rate is very poor and is not expected to be of any use after 72 hours from the sexual exposure. There are condoms available for both male and female. They act as contraception and prevents the sexual diseases as well.


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