Bison Vs. Buffalo

Difference Between Bison And Buffalo Although bison and buffalo are members of the same family Bovidae yet they…

Difference Between Bison And Buffalo

Although bison and buffalo are members of the same family Bovidae yet they are different in terms of the genus or species.


Bison thrive in a natural environment that is spread across most of the United States, northern Mexico and southern Canada. In addition to the iconic Plains Bison were also a great many Wood Bison that were pushed closer to extinction by the first white settlers. Bison originally comes from Europe.


Cape buffalo and the water buffalo are the two varieties of Buffaloes. . Water buffalo is covering huge areas of Southern Europe North Africa and Asia. Small populations are also found in Australia and South America. The Cape buffalo thrives in Africa’s sub-Saharan plains.


Bison have a winter coat that is very heavy and sheds with the coming of summers to a lighter coat. Most bison can be higher than 6 ½ feet tall, are around 10 meters long and weigh one ton. They have thick legs and a short corner to extend laterally back and back of head.

“The Buffalo is a short, shiny coat. Both of them are sized almost similar but the water buffalo have really huge horns. Some of the water buffaloes can have horns as large as their body size.

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Bison share a very cruel and destructive history. Before the arrival of Europeans to America, bison’s were hunted down in great numbers by the Americans. They would herd the animals in the Stampede, forcing them to Cliff. But as America began its expansion towards the west during the 19th century, bison’s almost reached the point of extinction because of their mass hunting. In 1880 some people began to tame the Bison to keep their number.

“Buffalo has been domesticated for over 5000 years. They are an important source of milk and other dairy products like ghee. Buffalo are still used to run the farm in large parts of South Asia. Some buffaloes also used for meat his, but it is not so common.

Cultural significance

Bison “has come to represent the great American West. Both reflect the high plains and our need to protect our natural resources. In many areas there are bison farms where animals are bred, not only for meat and hide, but also for the value their visitors.

Buffalo “is considered sacred by Hindus and not eaten. This taboo however is not shared by any other religious groups, across the Southeast Asia, many festivals are dedicated to buffalo racing and fighting.


1. Bison’s and buffaloes are easily confused for one another. They are from the same family.

2. Bison’s are found mainly in North America and buffaloes are found throughout Asia and Africa.

3. The hunting down of Bison’s brought them close to the point of extinction, whereas buffalo’s are domestic animals.

4. Both Bison and Buffalo share a special significance across various cultures.


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