Black Iphone 4 vs. White Iphone 4

Difference Between Black Iphone 4 and White Iphone 4 April 28th 2011 witnessed the launch of the White…

Difference Between Black Iphone 4 and White Iphone 4

April 28th 2011 witnessed the launch of the White iPhone according to the promise that Apple made when it launched the iPhone 4 on April 24th 2011. There is a strong belief in every manufacture that phones with dual core processors and large screens are in good demand; however it is good to see the confidence in Apple that 1GHz processor is good enough for the majority of the mobile users and the only thing they expect is an excellent design with really simple operating system and effective and good applications. The design and the abilities of the iPhone is absolutely evident with the fact that every smart phones which get launched in the market are compared to the iPhone at some point of time. Apart from the color and thickness there is absolutely no difference between them as far as hardware and software details are concerned. The white iPhone 4 is slightly thicker than the black iPhone, is fully wrapped in white even in the bezel area and is very attarctive. The thickness of the white iPhone is 9.5mm where as the black one is black is 9.3mm.  The iPhone 4 has a vital statistics of 15.2 x 48.6 x 9.3 mm and it weighs 137g. The White iPhone 4 comes with GSM and CDMA compatibility 16GB/32GB choice. Both of them are available to AT&T and Verizon users and also with many global carriers. The 16 GB variation is available for $200 and the price is $ 300 for the 32 GB on a new contract for 2 years. Users need a data plan for web based applications. A 3.5 inches LED backlit Retina display of iPhone 4 has a resolution of 960×640 pixel. It is not a big deal but it’s really comfortable to read everything in it as the display is tremendously bright and sharp with a 960X640 pixels resolution. The touch screen is highly sensitive yet perfectly resistant to any sort of scratches. The 1GHz Apple A4 processor results in a perfectly smooth operation. The operating system present is iOS 4.3 and it is said to be the best in the business. Internet browsing on Safari is great and easy and the user can download lots of applications from Apple’s application store. Apart from that the choice of internal memory of 32 GB or 16 GB, 512 MB eDRAM, and dual camera(5 megapixel with a with a rear camera with LED flash and digital zoom and a front camera of 0.3 megapixel and hotspot potential are some of the best features. The iPhone 4 comes with a Bluetooth v2.1+EDR and the Wi-Fi 802.1b/g/n at 2.4 GHz.


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