Blackberry OS 5 0 vs. OS 6 0

Difference Between Blackberry OS 5 0 and OS 6 0 Blackberry phones have two kinds of operating systems…

Difference Between Blackberry OS 5 0 and OS 6 0

Blackberry phones have two kinds of operating systems namely, Blackberry OS 5 and OS 6 out of which Blackberry OS 6 is the most recent. OS 6 has a plain setup, innate design, smooth visual, easy multitasking, fast browsing and intelligent organization. RIM (Research in Motion), a patented software established in C++, developed Blackberry OS. Application software for OS can be written by third party developers with the help of API (Application Programming Interface).

Blackberry OS 5.0

It introduced flags for follow ups and management of Mail folder. The features in flagging include assigning due date, setting different colors and setting reminders. User can access mails according to his set priority. It can forward calendar entry and attachments can be viewed from them.  It can find, view, open, edit save or email files that include PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, JPEG and MS Excel files straight from the phone equipped with Blackberry OS 5.

Contacts can be synced in manifold folders through Wireless Contact Synchronization. Gmail services such as stars, labels, archives, search, viewing recent conversations and report spam are supported by this. The SMS is displayed in a chat manner in a thread including display pictures along with emoticons. It also includes a common feature known as Time Zone Automatic Detection like other phones.

It consists of a Blackberry browser for experiencing great animations with enhanced abilities. With Blackberry Maps that have Zoom for a clearer view, quick route calculation, automatic address detection, POIs and its rating, navigation, photo Geotagging. Its supports models as follows: BB Curve 8330, 835i, 8520, 8530, 8900, BB Storm 9530, BB Storm 2 9550, BB tour 9630, BB Bold 9000, BB Bold 9650 and 9700.

Blackberry OS 6.0

It has an organized home screen menu with customized add options of different menu items. Two quick access areas are introduced: one for managing connections, alarms and option screens and other to access emails, SMS, BBM, calls, appointments and facebook and twitter. Universal Search Application is introduced for internal search in handsets as well as web searches. It has a quick browser unlike other times. The new start page is integrated with a lone URL entry box and Search entry box so that uses can browse at a faster pace.

The feature of Tabbed Browsing helps the users for browsing several pages and can keep on browsing open tabs. It has a boosted media player. Viewing of content is a lot easier with zoom option through multi touch in touchscreen models which is also enabled in normal models.  The unwanted options are preset while required options are enabled for users in browser options. The enabled RSS sustains better than previous versions.

BB Torch 9800. BB Bold 9780 and BB Style 9670 are supported by Blackberry OS 6.

On comparing, it is obvious that BB OS 6 is way ahead than BB OS 5 in various ways and it has been declared by RIM.


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