Blue vs. Red

What is the difference between blue and red? On the color wheel there are three primary colors –…

What is the difference between blue and red?

On the color wheel there are three primary colors – blue, red and yellow. All the other colors have pigments of one or more of these because they are formed by combining two or more of the primary colors. But how do red and blue differ from each other?

About Blue

A light spectrum wave length of about 440 to 490 nanometer causes the color blue. When it is mixed with red, the resulting color is violet. When it is mixed with yellow, the resulting color is green. There are symbolisms attached to colors and blue symbolizes cold.

About Red

The longest wavelengths that can be detected by the human eye have a nanometer of between 630 and 740 and these produce the color red. Any wavelengths that are longer than that are not visible to the naked eye. When red is mixed with blue, it produces violet and when it is mixed with yellow it produces orange. The symbolism associated with red is hot.

The difference between blue and red

Blue and red are like opposite magnetic poles. Their symbolic meanings are opposite. A person who is sad is said to be feeling blue. Red is the dominant color in celebrations, such as Christmas and New Year’s.

Trivial fact: One country in the world is blue on the top and red on the bottom. When they are at peace the flag flies in this way, but when they are at war, the flag is flown upside down. With the red on top, it means bravery and shows that the people are ready to wage war.

Red and blue are colors that we see in our daily lives. They are much more than primary colors on a wheel and it is fun to dig farther to see what our eyes are unable to see.


  1. Light wavelengths of 440 to 490 cause the color blue, but longer wavelengths of 630 to 740 cause the color red.
  2. Blue denotes cold temperatures and red denotes hot temperatures.
  3. Blue refers to feeling sad and red refers to happiness.



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