BMW 645i vs. 650i

The difference between the BMW 650i and 645i Two of the 6 series performance coupes from BMW are…

The difference between the BMW 650i and 645i

Two of the 6 series performance coupes from BMW are 650i and 546i. The BMW (an acronym for the Bavarian Motor Works) is the most well-known car because it is a grand, luxurious and quality vehicle. This company has been producing quality cars every year since it was established in 1916. The cars are produced in series numbers and the letters that follow the number represent a specific feature on the car. The 650i and the 645i BMW cars belong to Series 6 and the “I” that follows the number means “fuel injection”. There are similarities between these two models, but there are also differences which will help you choose one over the other.

While both the 650i and the 645i are performance coupes, but the 645i is an older model. It was released in 2004 and the 650i came on the market in 2006. They are very similar in size and styling, the come in both hardtop and convertible and have an aluminum V-8 engine.

The differences between the two vehicles can be found in the capacity of the engine and the horsepower each one generates. The 645i has a V-8 engine with a capacity of 4.4 liters and 325 hp. The 650i has a V-8 engine, with a capacity of 4.8 liters and 360 hp. Both vehicles have a 6-speed transmission, but with the 645i you can also choose a car that has an automatic transmission.

The iDrive technology that was developed and patented by BMWis present in the 645i, but it was upgraded for the 650i. The driver and the passengers can enjoy better climate control inside the vehicle. Instead of the dashboard with buttons and a radio, the 650i has a consolidated system that has one turn and push knob. There is a display system on the dashboard and instead of a DVD player, it has an 8GB space for hard disc for CD’s and DVD’s.

There is a major difference between the two in the brake system. The 650i uses the new brake technology of BMW that uses the alternator to keep the battery charged when the car is stopping or slowing down. When the driver speeds up, the alternator stops and the battery takes over again. This technology helps to lessen the load on the engine and saves fuel.


  1. The 650i and the 645i are of the Series 6 performance coupe from BMW.
  2. The 650i has an upgraded iDrive.
  3. There is a larger engine with more horsepower in the 650i.
  4. The 650i uses new brake technology.


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