Boat vs. Yacht

How a boat and a yacht are different from each other It is a bit confusing to say…

How a boat and a yacht are different from each other

It is a bit confusing to say that boats and yachts are marine vessels and therefore they are both boats. However, boat is a generic name that is given to all craft that travels on the water, but yacht refers to a specific type of boat. There are words in the English language that seem to mean the same thing, yet there are differences between them. You can say that all yachts are boats, but you cannot say that all boats are yachts.

What is a boat?

A boat is a small craft that can carry anything on the water – cargo, people, or animals, for example. It is used on a lake or a sea. However, the word boat can be used to name any type of craft that travels across water. It can also refer to a craft that is motorized, such as a speedboat and it can also refer to one that you have to row with oars, such as a dinghy or a kayak. The purpose of a boat is to float on water and be able to carry weight.

What is a yacht?

A yacht is a boat that is specifically designed for recreational purposes. It is usually luxurious and expensive to buy. This is why it is usually owned by rich and famous people. To own a yacht is a status symbol and a symbol of wealth. However, the first yacht was designed and built by the Dutch for the purpose of hunting down pirates. The word “yacht” comes from the Dutch language and means “hunt”.

The difference between a boat and a yacht

The word boat has a very broad connotation and can refer to any type of watercraft – a tugboat, a freighter, a fishing vessel or a dory. It is different from a ship because a ship is much larger and boat refers to smaller crafts. A yacht is a boat used for leisure and is quite lavishly decorated. Although the first yachts were used by the Dutch to hunt pirates, the design has changed since these times and today the yacht is a symbol of wealth.


  1. Boats and yachts are ways of travelling on the water.
  2. Both of them can be used for recreational purposes.
  3. Boat is a generic term, but yacht is very specific.
  4. Anyone can own a boat, but yachts are usually owned by the wealthy.
  5. A boat can be used for commercial purposes, but yachts are usually for leisure activities.


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