Bridge(Card Game) Vs. Casino (Card Game)

Difference Between Bridge(Card Game) And Casino (Card Game) Bridge, any of various card games for four players, playing…

Difference Between Bridge(Card Game) And Casino (Card Game)

Bridge, any of various card games for four players, playing as two partnerships, with a standard 52-card pack. All varieties have a method of selecting a trump suit (a suit endowed with special powers) after the pack of cards has been dealt out evenly among the players. In the popular modern version, contract bridge, partners agree, or contract, through an auction (a process of calling, or bidding, after the deal) to take a specified number of tricks in a denomination named in the bid. The winner of the auction seeks to make at least enough tricks to fulfill the contract for each deal. The two partnerships compete to score the highest number of points in a stipulated number of deals or games. Contract bridge is identical to auction bridge, the version played almost exclusively during the first quarter of the 20th century, except for a different method of scoring.

Casino is a game of skill and some luck played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. It is both a gambling game and one played for amusement. Four cards are dealt facedown to each of the two to four players, and four cards are dealt faceup on the table. To play, a player may: (1) take from the table one or any combination of cards whose sum matches a card in his or her hand; (2) add a card from his or her hand to one on the table (“building”), the sum being equal to a card still in his or her hand; or (3) simply place a card from his or her hand on the table. After the players have played their four cards, four more are dealt to each one.

Cards from ace through 10 are worth their face value, and picture cards have no numerical value. Points are allotted for winning the 10 of diamonds (2 points), the 2 of spades (1 point), aces (1 point each), and for having the most cards (3 points) and most spades (1 point). The first player to accumulate 21 points is the winner.


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