BSC vs. B. Eng

Difference Between BSC and  B. Eng A 10+2 pass student takes admission in college to complete the graduation…

Difference Between BSC and  B. Eng

A 10+2 pass student takes admission in college to complete the graduation in a favorite stream. There are many courses classified as arts, science, engineering, and law, medical and so on. There are many subjects offered at the graduation level such as humanities, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, economics etc. A student chooses the subjects of his interest. A student who is interested in science subjects choose subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Then it is called B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science. A student after 10+2 may go for B.Eng. or Bachelor of Engineering. If student has the aptitude for engineering, he opt for B.Eng. There are many differences between the two in respect of duration, content and scope.

B. Sc.

B.Sc. is a graduation degree. It is awarded by most of the colleges and universities. It is an academic degree which provides the in-depth study of science subjects. The content in B.Sc. is theoretical in nature. The course content is comprised of practical sessions which provide the students experience of basic science concepts. It is an academic degree and not an applied one. B.Sc. is a general degree and an eligibility of a post graduation course in science called M.Sc.

B. Eng

B. Eng. is an applied science. It stands for Bachelor of Engineering. It is an attractive field nowadays. It is a guarantee of job and a good career. It is a specific branch of knowledge in which students gain the knowledge of a particular ethnological field. Thus it is a technical degree unlike B.Sc. which is a pure academic degree. Generally it takes three years divided into a few semesters. In a few universities, this course takes four years to complete it. The admission in a B.Eng. course is done on the basis of an entrance test.

The differences are many between them. B.Eng. is an applied science while B.Sc. is an academic degree. There is difference between the contents. B.Sc. includes subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, zoology etc. which provide in-depth knowledge of sciences. On the other hand B.Eng. provides knowledge of specific technological field such as mechanics, civil engineering, electronics and electrical, information technology etc. There is difference between the two regarding the admission procedure.

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