Bull Vs. Ox

Difference Between Bull And Ox The difference between a bull and an ox comes out just the way…

Difference Between Bull And Ox

The difference between a bull and an ox comes out just the way we talk about animals. Ox or oxen is actually used for different purposes than the bulls. Ox is most often used for things that need to be pulled. In developing countries, their use continues to this day, and is primarily employed in the plowing and harvest of crops.

Bull is how we talk about the cattle (or cow) when we refer about the male counterpart of the species. The ox is scientifically interpreted as the sub-genus of cattle. Technically, doing this makes every linked species such as cousins, but does not make them the same species whatsoever.

With the exception of a few that are used for breeding, it is customary to castrate an ox. However Bulls almost never undergo this process. Bulls are used for breeding, as well as to stock the cattle’s. This hence helps produce more animals faster. Ox is controlled when it comes to breeding. This is usually because they simply can not be a popular food, especially in developed countries.

Ox is usually larger than a bull. Oxen’s that are used as a “draft” or pullers of heavy weight are usually over the age of four years so that they are huge and heavy. Bulls are smaller in size as compared to Ox and slaughtered before the age of four if used as beef.

Many people mistakenly believe that a castrated bull for an ox. But this is wrong, since they share the bovine genes, but have a special genetic code that sets them apart.

When it comes to their symbolic importance, there are those cultures that see them as separate entities, and there are those who regard both bull and ox together. The Chinese calendar has a representative in both bull and the ox for the birth chart, including but not limited to, 2009, 1997 and 1985. Other cultures and faith also regard the two animals. Hindu celebrate the presence of Ox.


  1. Oxen’s are used as a draft because they are less expensive, they are usually used for the transport trucks or pulling plows.
  2. While both are part of the cattle family, the oxen fall under the subgenus of male bulls.
  3.  Oxens are castrated and breeding is controlled and selective.
  4. An ox is much larger than the typical bull.
  5.  Ox and bull, and have many similar characteristics, but their unique genetic DNA sets them apart.
  6.  While maintaining the religious and ethnic symbolism, they are often regarded separately.


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