Bulldog Vs. Pit Bull

Difference Between Bulldog And Pit Bull Bulldog has its roots in England where its also known as British…

Difference Between Bulldog And Pit Bull

Bulldog has its roots in England where its also known as British Bull Dog. These are different from American or French bulldog with a similar appearance. The Bulldogs are very loyal to his family. Even with his sulky ‘expression Bulldog is a friendly, admiring and friendly. Bulldogs are thick and have a very strong and sturdy built, along with two muscular legs. Females are much smaller in size as compared to their male counterparts. Their heads are usually large and the cheeks cover some part of the eyes. The males have heads that are much bigger than females. The nose is usually broad and has large black nostrils.

They have a pair of dark eyes and the ears are small and folded towards the back end.  All of this makes them different from American or French Bull dog. Bulldogs fur varies in color, like a dull red, pale yellow, red, brindle or fawn. Sometimes a mixture of these shades can also be found on the fur of a Bulldog.  Bulldogs constantly seek attention and this can affect the people. An owner of a bulldog needs a lot of time and energy so that these dogs are not left alone. Bulldogs are great pets for families, and they fit well with other pets as well. Bulldogs not aggressive towards humans, but they have a very aggressive, hard and violent expression that adds to their benefit of being a good guard dog. Bulldogs are happy and lively and they only bark for a reason. Life Bulldogs is different with an average lifespan of 13 years.

Pitbulls are the oldest domesticated breeds, but was unpopular because of their aggressive nature told in stories. Pitbulls that are bred in a good environment are lively and energetic in nature. But some farmers are growing these dogs for illegal purposes such as human trafficking and hence bringing a doom for this race. So while you buy a pit bull, be sure to secure the dog’s temperament. Pitbulls are strong, medium and muscular with short soft fur. The dogs are characterized by large breasts and a wedge-shaped head. Typically, their muzzle doesn’t have any wrinkles, but they do have bigger ears and get wrinkles on their forehead when in an excited state.

Pitbulls are energetic, compassionate, intelligent, curious and eager to please their owners. They need lots of exercise. They are good pets as they are patient and love children. They will be aggressive towards other dogs because of their offensive production environment, but of course they are not. Pitbulls always seek for attention and affection.


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