Bullying vs. Cyber Bullying

Difference Between Bullying and Cyber Bullying Bullying is an act of striving to gain power and authority over…

Difference Between Bullying and Cyber Bullying

Bullying is an act of striving to gain power and authority over someone else forcefully by repeating any unappreciated act repeatedly. Bullying takes place because a person is generally unable to cope with another person. The people who engage in the act of bullying generally resort to physical, emotional and verbal abuse, like intimidating others. Depending on situations bullying results in an imbalance of social and physical power. There are places allover the world which have separate laws of bullying. The act of bullying sometimes may involve participation of multiple people. Bullying also takes place in offices and schools- a term which is called peer abuse. Depending upon the interaction of people there can be various types of bullying. As a result of bullying people also move / migrate to a different place.

Cyber Bullying is the use of information and communication technology to show hostile behavior to some other person or people on a repeated basis with the purpose of maligning that person/ people. Cyber bullying which is the worst type of bullying is very common among young people .and there are different global campaigns to raise awareness of people against it. These campaigns unite them against cyber bullying and as a result laws are made to avoid cyber bullying in future.

Bullying takes place in any place that is humanly accessible and between any one who is human. There even might be teachers may be bullying the children. In case of Cyber Bullying, text messages through cell phone and threats and sexual comments via emails have been seen used as a mode of bullying causing a lot of problems to people. It is easy engage in cyber bullying as the bullying person may not exist in the real world. In case of Bullying occurs the target is aware of the person who is bullying. In case of a Cyber bully he gets to remain in secret, there by making it all the more difficult for the victim. You can easily take action against a person who is bullying you at your face while in case of cyber bullying it is difficult to do so.


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