Business Class vs. First Class

Difference Between Business Class and First Class Business and first class is for the passengers who do not…

Difference Between Business Class and First Class

Business and first class is for the passengers who do not think about spending extra money for travelling comfortably. The business class is also very comfortable but the first class offers more legroom and luxurious seats that can be converted into full size flat bed. Some airlines also offer private suites with beds. There is a difference between them when it comes to amenities provided in both classes.

In the first there is more space when compared to the space provided in the business class. The front of the aircraft is allocated to first class. The best cabin crew is allocated to serve the first class passengers and they receive the individual attention of the crew. The food is just better and unlimited. They get choice of wines. Check in is faster and passengers get first priority while boarding getting off the flight.

Individual satellite telephones are available in the first class while it is not available to business class passengers. You always prefer to travel with a little more comfortable place. This is especially true in the case of long journeys.

There is much of a difference between business class and first class in case of comfort room. Seats in the first class are much different when compared to those provided in business class. Swivel seats in the first class allow passengers to have conference and discussion with people close to them. These kinds of seats are not available for the majority of business classes on airplanes.

One important difference between business and first class is the cost of the ticket. First class costs about three times more than travel in economy class. As far as the comfort factor is concerned then there is not much of a difference between the two classes.


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