Buzzed Driving vs. Drunk Driving

Difference Between Buzzed Driving and Drunk Driving Buzzed Driving and Drunk Driving mean driving under the influence of…

Difference Between Buzzed Driving and Drunk Driving

Buzzed Driving and Drunk Driving mean driving under the influence of alcohol (alcohol). Drunk driving has become a scourge in our society. The number of car accidents occur because of drunk driving is at all time high and it has made everyone sit up and pay attention to this phenomenon. These accidents cause death o so many people and may lead to permanent disabilities. Recently, there were advertisements shown on TV that used ‘buzzed’ instead drunk which lead to confusion among people about the difference between buzzed and drunk driving.

For beginners, buzzed is word which means drunk like lubricated, inebriated and sloshed, which have similar meaning. Buzzed is substitute for being drunk, but in better control than drunken person who has lost his senses under the effect of alcohol. Buzzed indicates a smaller degree of intoxication when compared to being drunk. However, the recent advertisement on TV seems to be clubbing the two words by telling that these two are same.

However, as per the experts in law, there are cases when an individual may be buzzed by what he is drinking but may be under the 0.08 BAC level and cannot be charged under DUI in the country. Legally speaking, a person may buzzed by consumption of alcohol regularly. Someone who has heavy body must consume four beers in an hour to reach a BAC level of 0.08.

Someone may be buzzed but may be able to do things at a skill level that is permitted (driving). But we can not say the same for someone who is drunk. Someone who has reached the limit set by law for drinking may not be able to do things like driving in controlled state while buzzed person is within the legal limits of drinking and cannot be charged for drunken driving.

Thus, buzzed driving is when you are drunk but still within the legally permissible limit.


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