California vs. Oklahoma

Difference Between California and Oklahoma United States of America comprises fifty states, it’s a federal republic. California is…

Difference Between California and Oklahoma

United States of America comprises fifty states, it’s a federal republic. California is the 31st state, as well as the third largest part of the United States in terms of area. Its population includes 57.6% white, 13% from Asia, 6.2% are African American, 1% Native American, 9% are multi-ethnic, is 0.04 % Pacific Islander, and 37.6% are Hispanic.

It owes its nickname, the Golden State, basically from the gold rush of 1848 led to an economic boom and the migration of workers and job seekers in other parts of the United States and other countries. It was also the center of the entertainment industry in the 20th century.

In the 20th century, information and technology were developed, and Silicon Valley was an exporter of computers. In addition to the entertainment and computer, the people of California were also involved in trade, business, education, health and production.

Oklahoma, on the other hand, was the 46th state of USA. The name comes from the two Choctaw words “Hummer” and “Oklahoma” which means “red people”. Oklahoma is the home to many Native Americans. There are 25 indigenous languages ​​spoken in the state.

California and Oklahoma are managed as republics. Both have legislative authority; consist of the Senate and National Assembly and the Supreme Court and lower courts.

While California has 58 counties, Oklahoma has 77. In terms of location, California is located in the Pacific, which also gives it a Mediterranean climate, while Oklahoma is located in the south-central United States due to which there is a temperate climate with hostile weather conditions with the continuous development of tornadoes.

Summary ..:

1.California ranks 31st state in the U.S., while Oklahoma is at number 46

2. California is well-known for its computer exports and entertainment industry whereas the second largest gas producer in United states is Oklahoma.

3. Oklahoma has 77 counties while California has 58 countries.

4. California’s climate is Mediterranean, while the climate is temperate in Oklahoma.

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