Canada vs. France

Difference Between Canada and France France and Canada are two dissimilar countries from each other in terms of…

Difference Between Canada and France

France and Canada are two dissimilar countries from each other in terms of population, atmosphere, surrounding, places of tourism, transportation and the like.

Canada is in North America and France is in Europe. Canada is located in the northern part of the country and France is a country in Western Europe. It is remarkable to note that France is linked to the United Kingdom by the Channel Tunnel. It goes beneath the English Channel.

The largest city in Canada is Toronto. On the other hand the prime city in France is its capital city called Paris. The country of France is characterized by the unitary semi-presidential republic type of government. Canada has federal parliamentary independent government and has constitutional monarchy.

The Upper House of the Parliament in Canada is the Senate and the Lower House is the House of Commons. The Upper House of Parliament in France is the Senate and Lower House is National Assembly. The official language of France is French while the official languages in Canada are English and French. There are numerous other known regional languages in the country of Canada.

Canada has total area of 3,854,085 square miles while France has 260,558 square miles. Canada has a population of about 34,352,000 where France has a population of about 65,821,885.

France has temperate climate and with heavy rainfall, warm summers and mild winters. Sometimes summers are also cool. Canada on the other hand, has average winter and very hot summers. Winters are very cold in some parts of Canada.

As far as economy is apprehensive Canada is wealthiest nations with good per capita income. It is true that Canada is in top ten trading countries of the world. Canada is biggest producer of agricultural products and largest producer of uranium and zinc.

On the other hand France has a mixed economy which is a blend of private and government units. Biggest sector of France’s economy are aircraft, railways, nuclear power, electricity and telecommunications.

Like Canada France too is biggest producer of agricultural goods. Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles are two famous places of France. Railway network of is prominent in France. Canada is acknowledged for its visual arts and music industry.



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