Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III vs. EOS 1D Mark IV

How the Canon EOS IDs Mark III is different from the Canon EOS ID Mark IV Both the…

How the Canon EOS IDs Mark III is different from the Canon EOS ID Mark IV

Both the Canon EOS IDs Mark III and the Canon EOS ID Mark IV are names of professional cameras of the Canon Digital SLR line. Canon is one of the best brand names in the world when it comes to digital cameras. The IDs Mark III has been on the market now for a few years and is a favorite among novice and veteran photographers. The latest release is the ID Mark IV and there are many differences between this one and its predecessor. Mark IV is the latest in the ID series and Mark III is the latest in the IDs series.

IDs Mark III

This is a high end digital SLR camera that has a robust structure and an excellent system for shooting photos. It delivers high quality images every time. Some of the exciting features of this camera are:

  • CMOS sensor with 21,1 MP full frame
  • Dual digic III image processing
  • 14A/D
  • 5fps operation
  • 56 continuous shots
  • 45 point AF focusing system, and
  • 3 inch LCD screen

The photos you take with this camera have incredible details of the image and are in the best color. There are easy to use control button and the whole look of the camera is better than others in the IDs series. You won’t have to worry about dust on the lens marring any photos because there is a built-in cleaning system. The focusing system is the best of any camera and with the larger screen you get an excellent view of the shot before you take the photo.

ID Mark IV

If you are looking for a truly professional camera then the ID Mark IX is definitely the one you need to look at. It can perform exceptionally well in poor lighting conditions because of the ISO range of 100 to 12800. Some of the other features of this camera are:

  • 10 fps operating system
  • 120 continuous shots
  • CMOS sensor
  • 16.1 MP full frame
  • Dual digic processor, and 3 inch LCD screen

With this camera you can also take HD recordings and instantly play them back on a television or a computer.

Summary of the difference between the two cameras

The IDs Mark III is a far better camera than the ID Mark IV. The sensor is more powerful and it takes more vivid images making it the best one for landscapes and portraits. The ID Mark IV is bulkier, but is the best one to choose if you want to take videos. It is the best choice for professional photographers.

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