Canon EOS 50d vs. 60d

Difference Between Canon EOS 50d and 60d Canon EOS 50D and 60D are both DSLR cameras from canon.…

Difference Between Canon EOS 50d and 60d

Canon EOS 50D and 60D are both DSLR cameras from canon. It is true that the Canon 50D was very expensive and outdated when compared to the T2i and 7D models. The 60D DSLR from Canon has many new features to buyers. There may be a lot of similarities between 50D and 60D but there are sharp differences as well.

The 60D is much smaller; it does not have the magnesium alloy body and has new features that make it half breed in between the 550D and 7D.

The biggest feature is the flip out 3.0 inch LCD display and HD movies modes which used to be a trade mark for the EOS 7D. Though the advanced features of 7D are not there in the 60D, it is a good one for professionals as well. 60D comes with an enhanced 18MP sensor and the viewfinder coverage is about 96% a shade over the 95% coverage offered by the 50D. Instead of a small joystick in 50D, 60D has 8 direction control button layout. The 9 point AF capability in 60D is the same as in 50D.  It also comes with a wireless flash and video wind filter, not to mention the sound adjustments and movie trimming capabilities.

60D is higher in resolution (18Mp) whereas the 50D was about 15MP in resolution; it is compatible with SDE cards unlike the 50D which supports CF memory cards.

Other features include a wireless flash, a brand new 3 inch LCD screen, a plastic body, higher ISO 6400 that is extended from 3200, HD video recording, raw conversion in camera, simple top plate & info panel, and also a burst rate that is lower.

However the 50D shoots faster (6.3fps in comparison to 5.3fps) and is thinner than 60D (2.9” in comparison to 3.1”). It is also smaller than 60D.

However the facilities like shooting videos with 60D, a flip out screen, better image quality, slightly lower noise at high ISO, higher resolution, longer battery life, slightly better color depth make the buyers go for the 60 D.


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