Carbon Steel Knives vs. Stainless Steel Knives vs. High Carbon Stainless Steel Knives – The Difference Between

Nobody can really tell the exact time but knives have been a necessary tool for people in quite…

Nobody can really tell the exact time but knives have been a necessary tool for people in quite a long time now. These are mostly seen in the kitchen setting as it took a quick and civilized leap from its original use for hunting. Simple enough, knives are for cutting food such as meat or bread into the size that the person wants. That is not the only revolutionary transformation that knives have undergone comparing its previous form of rock and flint to the modern bronze, steel, copper and other metals. Because of this significant alteration, knives became more useful and more dependable with any given task required. Of all the kinds of knives, the three most competitive as a true chef’s tool are carbon steel knives, stainless steel knives and high carbon stainless steel knives.

First On The Chopping Block—Carbon Steel Knives

A carbon steel knife will generally be a mixture of iron and 1% carbon which makes it more suitable to dampen as compared to its stainless counterpart. However, because of that characteristic, carbon steel blades are more vulnerable to corrode and are therefore less durable than stainless steel knives. There are measures that you can perform to prevent the corrosion and prolong use such as applying lubrication oil every once in a while. The most rewarding part of using carbon steel knives is their finer tipped edge for precise cutting and slicing.

The Contender–Stainless Steel Knives

On the other extreme, stainless steel knives are composed of a variety of elements including chromium, nickel and sometime molybdenum with a combination of high iron and some carbon content. As such, you can expect some advantages as well as disadvantages from these particular knives. It might last longer with less vulnerability to rust but are easily blunted over some period of use. If you persevere though, you can find stainless steel knives which have improved in retaining sharpness longer. Of course, you should expect the better quality to come with a higher price.

High Carbon Stainless Steel: The Ultimate Kitchen Tool?

Could it possibly be? Both carbon and stainless steel blades have harmoniously merged into the perfect tool for slicing and dicing in the kitchen. This is quite an accurate statement as high carbon stainless steel can be explained as the blend of characteristics of both the previous types of knives. Therefore, high carbon stainless steel knives allow you to enjoy the grip of a reliable rust-proof and sharp knife. Of all the types of knives, these have the best features and capabilities to lend to anyone who wields them. However, you must always look out as the combinations of various elements might lead to a fragile and easily breakable blade. Nevertheless, a nicely done high carbon stainless steel knife will require minimum preservation measures and still come out as the best tool at the end of the day.

The Verdict

Each knife has their ups and downs though one—high carbon stainless steel knife—has more to offer on the plus side. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choosing which kind to utilize greatly depends on the user and where it will be utilized
  • Knives are tools for cutting, slicing and chopping. As such, sharpness is always required from the edge.
  • These tools will be used to handle food and should be kept clean at all times. Therefore, it is unacceptable to have it rust so as to protect one’s health as well as save money.
  • Though some knives compete greatly against others with their special benefits, the aspect of disadvantages cannot be eliminated.

There you go! Now that you know which knife does what kind of job, you are ready to take a step further. Go to your kitchen and see if it’s the tool you need and the tool that can keep up with your chef techniques.

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