Carnatic vs. Classical

Difference Between Carnatic and Classical Carnatic and Classical are two forms of music in India. They are different…

Difference Between Carnatic and Classical

Carnatic and Classical are two forms of music in India. They are different in terms of their style, other characteristics and the like.  Carnatic music is native to south Indian states, namely Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. In fact it is more popular in these regions than in north India, which is essentially characterized by Hindustani classical.

Classical music is another name given to Hindustani classical music. Carnatic music is also classical in its style. It differs from Hindustani classical music in the sense that it pays more attention to the literary part of singing, that is to say, it gives more importance to the song as a whole during the performance.

A song composed in the style of Carnatic necessarily contains  Pallavi, Anupallavi and one or two or Charanams. Each part of the song is given  importance, while singing in the style of Carnatic. This is not the case with classical music. In fact, classical musicians give more importance to the raga part music.

Carnatic music has its own way to trace raga. It has an alapana with the beginning. Alapana consists in the development of particular raga in which the Kriti is composed. The alapana is followed by the interpretation of Pallavi. This is followed by Niraval accompanied by Kalpita Svara. So manodharma sangitam forms the backbone of Carnatic music.

Manodharma is the creative part of Carnatic music. It gives the musician the freedom to explore the raga and the different aspects of raga ending finally with the Kriti. It gives him the freedom to choose the niraval anupallavi or charanam. It is indeed true that Carnatic music excelled in the compositions from some of Vaggeyakaras who were good at writing and singing too.

Some of the composers in the Carnatic style included Tyagaraja Syama Sastri, Muthuswamy Diskshitar, Swati Tirunal, Gopalakrishna Bharati, Papanasam Sivan and others.



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