Case Study vs. Solved Case Study

Difference Between Case Study and Solved Case Study The case study is an important method to do research…

Difference Between Case Study and Solved Case Study

The case study is an important method to do research and is an integral part of any academic writing. The case study can be a company, an event, an individual or group of people. It is used to identify problems and then try to find answers or explanations to these answers as part of a project. It differs from original research in the sense that it confines itself to the purpose of research and does not need to refer to citations or like those needed in a research paper. However, it needs a necessary introduction and a conclusion that tries to find answers to problems posed by the case. Once completed, a case study is completed successfully; it is used for training and information personnel in many industries. It serves as a reference for beginners in any field of study such as medical, legal, law, police, etc.

Especially for students of management and business, the case studies that are solved become part of the learning process which equips them to face the industry when they start working. The sudden increase and phenomenal success of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Dell and Lenovo are taught to students of administration to make them aware of different paths that these companies have taken to reach the pinnacle in their respective fields. The astounding success of dabbawalas of Mumbai, who are providers luncheon tiffins to countless people employed in different companies in the city of Mumbai, was used as a case study to teach students different management methods (supply chain management) that can be used in different circumstances. Case studies of extraordinary individuals who got out of nowhere to top in their field are also used as inspirational material for students.


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