Caste System vs. Class System

Difference Between Caste System and Class System The system of caste and class system still prevails in some…

Difference Between Caste System and Class System

The system of caste and class system still prevails in some countries. Class systems are found in many countries with the rich and the poor especially in terms of income and employment opportunities, the caste system is found primarily in India is unique in the sense that people are born in a caste and have to live by being a member of the same cast. With India gaining independence and increasing employment opportunities for those belonging to lower castes by a quota system, the caste system is bit weakened. But even today, the caste system has deep roots in society and the rules of that system are applicable to all members of the caste.

A unique feature of the caste system as existing in India is that it has a predestined life. If you belong to scheduled caste and come to live in a village instead of a city, you are almost untouchable and are doomed to move only in your own caste and will not be permitted to have any truck with people belonging to higher castes. You can not marry a person of higher caste and you die in belonging to the caste you are born into.

On the other hand, the class system is in place in many parts of India where those who have land or property and money have always been affirming their supremacy over those who are poor and deprived of these things. However, this system is a little more humanitarian than the caste system which is rigid because a person can grow and move up in the hierarchy of improving his income.

Once the person starts earning high, the society and the higher classes readily accepts him. In a class system it’s possible to get better in terms of social status through education, or by earning wealth.

In fact this is what happens in many places in India. As described above, because of the reservation policy, many lower caste people were given good jobs in government sectors as well as the private sector and they lead a comfortable life now. They are now not only acceptable to the upper castes (some are even working as boss of many people belonging to higher castes), they easily slipped into a higher class as well.

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that although the caste system is still firmly instilled in India, it is diluting gradually and a class system is creating its roots in its place that provides more opportunities for a person to grow in and prosper according to his capabilities and skills to earn for himself.


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