Castle vs. Palace

Difference Between Castle And Palace A Castle and a Palace have variations between themselves when it comes to the…

Difference Between Castle And Palace

A Castle and a Palace have variations between themselves when it comes to the construction of these edifices. The principal intention of building a Castle is for defenses. A castle is therefore built for the main purpose of fortifying the place. Safety is one of the chief concerns leading to the erection of a Castle. The decoration of the castle forms a secondary motive.


A Palace is constructed with the ultimate motive of comfort. The concept of decoration being of the primary intent, it considers building spacious rooms and halls. In fact, palaces have become one of the most well preferred sites for tourists who come in hordes to savor the beauty of palaces. The concentration while building a palace is on the beautification of the place besides comfort for the residents. A large number of palaces have been altered into luxury hotels where tourists flock to enjoy the comforts and the beauty of the palace. Some of the most noteworthy examples of palaces that are bestowed with an element of decoration are the palaces of Sweden, Stockholm and the palace at Mysore in India.


A castle is an edifice or a succession of robust and well constructed buildings to make certain the security of the King and his courtiers. In reality, a castle is erected to provide a defense against attacks from invaders and to prevent political blockades. A palace in contrast is a building to provide leisure and a diversion to the King and the other people residing along with him. A palace is provided with comfortable, large, beautiful rooms and halls initially meant for the residence of the Queens, ministers and other people associated with the government.


While a palace is only a lovely place to live in, a castle is erected keeping in view the sense of defense. However, castles can be converted turn into residential places also, yet the main purpose of constructing them is defense of the area in the castle.


While a lot of money goes into the building of a palace, in summary, it can easily considered that a castle is created to prove one’s supremacy while a palace is constructed to prove royalty.


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