CAT Scan vs. MRI Scan vs. X-ray – What are the Similarities and Differences?

It comes as one of the biggest amazements that people are able to take care of themselves without…

It comes as one of the biggest amazements that people are able to take care of themselves without even knowing what goes inside their bodies. However, there will come a time when certain procedures are ordered by health care professionals to gain a good overview of the internal conditions. The three most common of these diagnostic measures are X-ray Scan, CAT or CT scan and MRI. With all these esoteric acronyms, you could get lost and would want to get to the bottom of which is which and when the appropriate use is for each. Clear the blur and respond to your health needs by a good comprehension of CAT, MRI and X-ray.

How Does It All Work?

To get to the bottom of everything one must first understand how the wheels turn for each one. Let us start with that of X-ray along with that of Computerized Axial Tomography or CAT scan as the two have a fairly close relation. X-ray scans use x-rays from the electromagnetic spectrum to be able to pass through the body and create images for the mass or the bones. The same goes with CAT scan as it actually came from original X-ray scan technologies. The difference is that it is more advanced as it uses computers to be able to get a clear view of the body from different approaches. It is also called tomography as it involves the technique of dividing the body into portions in the produced images. MRI on the other hand works quite distinctively from these two. Magnetic Resonance Imaging does not utilize ionizing rays as with the previous scans and rather uses the principles of magnetism hence its name. The reason behind its function is that of the body being composed of cations and anions which are positive and negative respectively. Once struck by the emitted radio waves, it will form into an order that creates the needed image inside.

When And Where Can It Be Used?

As each works differently, you can expect that it works best in various applications to produce a clear imagery of the body. To start with, MRI will be appropriate for soft tissues that have tremendous water volume which makes it useful for areas of neurology to discover presence of tumors on the brain. CAT scan on the other hand is for dense and compact substances such as the bones and other types of tissues. It comes therefore as an aid in detecting abdominal or breast tumors.

Are There Any Risks?

Too much of everything is definitely a health threat. This is the same with these three especially that of x-rays which have been shown to cause diseases mainly malignancies. That means constant undergoing of CAT and X-ray scans are unadvisable to protect one’s health. On the other hand, MRI scans should be avoided with individuals who have metallic implants such as pacemakers or orthopedic bolts for the obvious reason of magnetic attraction.

In addition to these safety issues but also that of the financial aspect as well. Both of these procedures are very costly making sure to have it settled by your insurance if intending to take one.

How Much Will Each Be Priced At?

Though MRI and CAT scans are notorious of giving the frowned-upon reputation that health care delivery system has nowadays because of a steep price, there are still differences depending on various factors which include location. Take for instance the gap of price between US and India regarding CAT scan expenses. The first will usually set you back with $1500 and the latter will average on $50. As such, expect that a universal fact is the affordability of x-ray scans and the highest costliness of MRI among the three.

What Does These All Mean?

Everything has two sides to it. If you will flip the coin for X-ray, CAT and MRI scans, you will see that there is more to it than just the usual thought of being a useful medical breakthrough for diagnosing diseases effectively. There are pros and cons to it and these should be given great consideration. Take an active participation regarding your health plans now that you are made aware of the possible benefits or misfortunes that will result.

If you think that the availability of such technologies are comforting but would rather not experience using it otherwise, then the best way to accomplish this is by starting to take care of yourself right now. As they say, prevention is better than cure or in this case, diagnosis.


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