Cause vs. Effect

Difference Between Cause and Effect Cause and effect is a continuous series of actions arising from one rational…

Difference Between Cause and Effect

Cause and effect is a continuous series of actions arising from one rational action to another. Almost all circumstances in our lives can be categorized under either of the two. They are as inseparable, meaning, when there is a cause there would be an effect and vice versa.


The cause is anything that makes an event or something else to happen. This is usually the first to arrive. In a given event or situation, you can discover or find the cause by asking why it happened and or how he has shown? And in unfortunate times, we would probably try to get answers to the same questions mentioned here.


The effect is the impact or outcome of cases. This thing is what happens next. The effect can perhaps be born without any possible cause. It’s always been and is. What happens or happened, is the common question you should ask if you want to find out what the effect is. Although the effect comes before the final cause, the effect is the first thing that can be noticed.

The difference between cause and effect

You can reach the cause of something associated with the application as ‘why’ and ‘how’ this thing or event is occurring while for achieving the effect of a certain event; you can only use the question “what happens.”A very typical specimen of it is the question why is the sky blue? This is due to air molecules that spread across the blue light more in comparison to the red light from the sun. The cause is the last part of the sentence and the effect is first part of the sentence.

In terms of misfortune, people usually focus on the cause and feel repentant about it which is more or less not recommended by psychologists. The focus should be on the effect and how to improve it and leave the past (cause) behind.


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