Difference Between CBI and NIA The CBI or the Central Bureau of Investigation and the NIA or National Investigation…

Difference Between CBI and NIA

The CBI or the Central Bureau of Investigation and the NIA or National Investigation Agency is both premier Governmental agencies of the Government of India that have been accountable for the security and protection of the country and its people. Both these agencies operate in an entirely different manner and one of the chief variations between the CBI and the NIA is that the CBI serves as a criminal investigation body, intelligence and a national security agency with the Government of India. On the other hand, the NIA is a recent federal agency created on approval accorded by the Government of India in order to control terrorism in the country.


While the CBI was founded in the early sixties with a motto, ‘industry, impartiality, integrity’, NIA was formed very recently immediately after the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008. The authorities felt the emergent requirement of a central agency to counteract terrorism which resulted in the formation of the NIA.


It is all the more of significance that the CBI is one of the foremost investigating police agencies in the country as CBI has been handed over the responsibility of carrying out investigations into a large number of major crimes in the country.


The impact of the agency is especially felt in both the economic and political circles inside the country. There are three extremely vital divisions in the CBI when coming to its investigations, such as the anti-corruption division, economic crimes division and the special crimes division. The CBI deals in cases where massive cases of fraudulent measures, embezzlement and cheating or identical cases relative to companies where large funds are involved besides many other cases which include those where the interest of the central government is considered to be at the core.


As the NIA has been established very recently, its functions and operations are being currently being structured. Presently, the NIA is given the responsibility for conducting investigations in terrorist offences. The NIA would take up the responsibility of the investigation whenever a fresh case is brought to them.


One of the major features of the NIA is that no accused taken into custody can be released on either bail or on personal bond. This is one basic difference between the NIA and the other investigating agencies.


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