Cedar vs. Spruce

Difference Between Cedar and Spruce The pine or Pinaceae is quite a large and varied Family consisting of…

Difference Between Cedar and Spruce

The pine or Pinaceae is quite a large and varied Family consisting of over 250 species of Trees that can attain the growth of 100 meters. Trees Like spruce, Hemlock, larch, pine, cedar and firs comprise the family.

The Mediterranean and the Himalayan Mountains are home for the Cedar trees. These trees attain a height of 60 meters and its wood has a spicy scent. The other characters of the tree are its large branches, thick bark and green leaves that resemble Ferns.

Classifications of Cedar

  1. Atlas cedar
  2. Turkish or Lebanon cedar
  3. Deodar cedar
  4. Cyprus cedar

In spite of the fact that Cedar trees mainly used for decorative purpose, they are used in other purpose also. Cedar is used to make furniture for both outdoor and indoor purpose. Smell of Cedar acts as a pest repugnant so it is also utilized as lining for chests and cabinets. Apart from this it is also used as a  building material.

Similar fragrance of an insect repellent comes from the Cedar oil. This makes the cedar wood products resistant to rot and decay. Apart from its light weight and cool attributes, the cedar wood is strong and sturdy. The scent and moisture absorbing capacity of Cedar makes it suitable for clogs.

Cedar oil has antiseptic, expectorant, antifungal, anti-seborrhoeic, insect repellent, tonic, and emollient properties. Cedar oil can treat dandruff, eczema, itching and acne.

The Temperate and northern coniferous forest belt areas are home for the Spruce tree. Attaining up to a height of 60 meters and possessing leaves that resemble needle, these trees have whorled branches. About 35 types of spruce, which are found have quite a few uses.

The long fiber of the tree is used to make strong paper- one of the most important use of the spruce tree. When the wood of spruce is used as a building material, it is used to make wooden boxes, wooden airplanes and musical instruments as for example violin, guitar, piano sound board and cello.

Spruce wood is best suited for indoor use as it is likely to decay. Spruce oil can be eaten and can be transformed into spruce beer. The spruce needle can be transformed into spruce tip syrup and tea, and the tree sap gives in to chewing gum.

Similar to cedar, spruce is quite popular as a tree that is used for ornamental purpose. The roots are woven into make baskets and utilized to seam pieces of bark to make canoes.



1. The Himalayas and the Mediterranean is the home of the Cedar tree, but spruce is found in the taiga and temperate regions.

2. While Cedar three is resistant to rot and decay, spruce do not have this attribute.

3. Cedar wood is used for making both indoor and outdoor furniture, but spruce is best suited for indoor furniture.

4. Cedar different odor that acts as a pesticide while spruce has no such character.

5. Spruce can be eaten, and the tree parts are used to make beer, chewing gum syrup, tea, while cedar wood can not be eaten.

6. Cedar is used to treat a range of medical troubles while spruce does not have such characters.





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