Celeron vs. Pentium

What is the difference between Celeron and Pentium? Two of the processors from Intel are Celeron and Pentium.…

What is the difference between Celeron and Pentium?

Two of the processors from Intel are Celeron and Pentium. Pentium is the top of the line processor but Celeron is a cheaper model. The core design of the Celeron is the same as that of the Pentium, but the performance of the processor has been reduced to bring down the price. Celeron is fine for regular computer work, but if you need speed, then the best choice is Pentium 4.

Pentium has been the best processor from Intel for the past ten years. In the line of personal computers, this one is an excellent choice, but it is more expensive than the same product from Intel’s competitors. Because of this competition in price, Intel developed the Celeron. It is lower in price, but it also offers lower performance. The price is now competitive with the processors developed by companies such as AMD. The Celeron processors look identical to these computers but they are of a lesser quality.

With the many models and submodels of Celeron it is hard to pinpoint to any specific differences between the Pentium and the Celeron. However there are general differences that are easy to spot. Celeron processors have a smaller amount of cache memory and this is very important. It will drastically decrease the number of times the processor will need to access the main memory. Cache memory is also faster because it is on the same die, unlike the main memory that is attached to the motherboard.

If you compare the Celeron and Pentium processors you will see that the FSB or the front side bus of the Celeron is lower than that of the Pentium. The FSB determines the speed and a lower speed affects all functions of the computer. Some users who are knowledgeable about computers have been able to increase the speed manually with software or by utilizing options on the motherboard. This practice is known as overclocking and can have different results.

The Celeron was a derivative of the Pentium but it has lasted a lot longer. Pentium processors are slowing being phased out. New Intel models are coming on the market in the Core series, but the Celeron is still going strong. Celeron has never strayed from its purpose of being a budget processor and is still performing lower than the Core processors.


  1. Pentium was the top of the line processor and Celeron is the budget model.
  2. Both Pentium and Celeron are built in the same way.
  3. Celeron processors do not have as much cache memory.
  4. Celeron models operate on a lower FSB.
  5. Pentium is being phased out to make room for the Core series but Celeron is still on the market.


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