Cell Phone vs. Mobile

Difference Between Cell Phone and Mobile Some people call the device cell and some call it mobile and…

Difference Between Cell Phone and Mobile

Some people call the device cell and some call it mobile and still others call it cell phone. Nowadays, phone is not just a phone used for making and receiving calls. It has many other functions as well which have been not hitherto associated with a phone.

The use of Radio for making calls started in the World War II. However, the first mobile handset was produced in Japan by NTT in 1979. It worked in the metro city of Tokyo at that time. After that many other countries developed a system of mobile telephone such as Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The first generation (1G) appeared in the US in 1983 and it was Motorola which came out with it.

The second generation of cellular service known as 2G began in 1991 in Finland. The third generation or 3G service was started in 2001. In this way mobile technology developed fast. There are some fundamental components associated with cell phone or mobile phone. However, the devices have been advanced a lot. The essential components include a Lithium ion battery providing power to the gadget. A mobile phone battery is rechargeable and has a life of a year or so. The dialing of the numbers is done by a keypad. However, touch screen has been in vogue recently. To make or receive call, the services of a cellular operator are always needed. The cellular operator provides an account to the owner in the form of a SIM card. All the GSM mobiles make use of a SIM card. On the other hand a CDMA device does not need a SIM card. They are not freely available in the market and provided by the service operators.

Normal cell or mobile phones are termed as feature phones. On the other hand, the phones having advanced features like internet are called smart phones. These smart phones may become thing of the past in the future as the technology is advancing with rapid speed. The mobile phones nowadays include many remarkable features like GPS, GPRS, FM, MP3 and MP4 players, Video and Audio recording, internet browsing, Calculator, Calendar, downloading and uploading facility etc.


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