CEO vs. President

Difference Between CEO and President If you visit the companies you will find different classifications for the positions…

Difference Between CEO and President

If you visit the companies you will find different classifications for the positions being used for people inside the management team. All positions have different sets of roles, functions and responsibilities. Two such designations are the CEO and the President are enough to confuse people as they can not distinguish the differences between the two. This article will highlight the roles and responsibilities for both positions to remove all doubts.


A CEO is the highest ranking employee of a company and announced directly to the board of directors. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company’s responsibility is to ensure that the company benefits and the company are still driving in the direction of growth. He knows that to ingratiate himself with his bosses (the board of directors) only as long as he continues to generate profits. The CEO acts as a visionary for the company and the rest of the employees look to him because of his leadership. In reality, he is the bridge between the board and other directors of different departments of the organization. The CEO is the ship’s captain and oversees the performance of managers and also formulates the strategies of fireworks to help the company achieve its goals.


The President always comes after the CEO in the chain of administration. The CEO is responsible for assigning the company’s operations on the shoulders of the President. He is the president who is to supervise daily operations, sign checks and check availability of commodities and so on. While the CEO has to take care of investors and mass media, the President who keeps the business running, doing all that the CEO asked him to do. He is the guy who really runs the show under the guidance of CEO.

There are instances when a person simply holds the title as the Director General that the President and then the responsibility of the person bend almost in half. But in many cases, people have taken up the challenge and led the company successfully.


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